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AKABA 1753
  • Removable
  • To be inserted into multi-pocket trousers
  • Made in France
  • To standard CE EN 14404
  • One size
Colours available :
  • Parade Grey


Removable kneepads to fit Parade work trousers and overalls

The Akaba protective plates allow you to work comfortably on your knees, avoiding the risk of chafing, injuries and lesions. These accessories are particularly popular with female construction workers, craftswomen and finishing professionals.

To provide effective protection for your knees, these removable protective plates can be slipped into the knee pad pockets of your Bombay work trousers or Benxi dungarees, meeting the requirements of standard EN 14404!

Akaba's size (210x135x18 mm), high-density foam material and cut-out shape are designed to ensure maximum comfort and mobility for the wearer.

Akaba knee pads are made in France from dual-density polyethylene, which is both lightweight and hard-wearing.

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