With over 40 years expertise and R&D behind us, we have done everything we can to make our safety shoes more comfortable than ever. We have developed 3 exclusive technologies with the ambition to provide even more comfort.

What inspires us: the natural shape of the foot, the arch, this architectural whole that cleverly combines all the bone, joint, ligaments and muscles of the foot together.

Why? Because thanks to its changing curve and elasticity, the arch adapts to the terrain. It acts as a shock absorber that is essential for flexibility.

This symbol of action, the ability to adapt and move forward is represented by the round shape of our 3 exclusive technologies.

Read more about our technologies inspired by the body and designed for comfort.

picture chaussure
+ Delete Resonance System (DRS): Heel protection on impact
Suspended arch support (VPS): Supports the natural arch of the foot and reduces fatigue
Parade Air: Technology designed for comfort and safety

VPS* SYSTEM (suspended arch support)

The shoe's ergonomic shape maintains the natural arch of the foot, following the arch's curve. This support inside the sole itself provides unrivalled comfort, particularly in the case of small or shuffling steps and extended periods of standing still.

Parade protection : vps système

DRS (Delete Resonance System) / DRS 2

Our DRS technology is in the heel and acts as a shock absorber. DRS is a cavity under the heel, in the shape of a semi-circular indent. When the heel is in contact with the terrain, this cavity falls inwards and moves with the heel to adapt to the terrain, preceding the foot’s roll and forward movement. You will find the DRS 2 on our Racing sport sole.

Parade protection : technologie DRS


Our PARADE AIR SYSTEM technology is also inspired by the organic shape and roundness of the arch of the foot. The PARADE AIR SYSTEM is an air bubble encapsulated in the outsole of the shoe. This air cushion technology assists flexibility when walking.

Parade protection : technologie PARADE AIR SYSTEM


Our exclusive SHIELD ONE material is a genuine shield against abrasion. Breathable with the Parade shield design, it provides protection against wear and tear. Its fabric + TPU formulation meets abrasion-resistance requirements imposed by the EN388 glove standard (performance level 4/4). This highly-resistant material is on our S1P shoe in the RACING range: Ride and Racer.

Schema resistance à l'abrasion

FLEX SYSTEM flex system

Read about our exclusive sole technologies, suitable for the most demanding work requirements. FLEX SYSTEM technology is suitable for construction work and uneven surfaces. The exclusive design of the sole with its grooves reduces the pressure areas on the sole, providing flexibility and comfort when walking. The shoe moves with the foot and the horizontal and notched grooves under the metatarsal bones, where the foot naturally bends, naturally expel soil as the foot moves forward.

You can find our FLEX SYSTEM technology in all our shoes with our NEBRASKA and NEVADA soles.

Parade protection : technologie flex system semelle

BE FLEX 2.0 

BE FLEX 2.0 technology is designed for work that requires more flexibility and comfort when walking, logistics for example. The raised side of the sole is lower on the front of the foot to facilitate flex. The front section has an exclusive design with 3 transverse grooves for movement and maximum flexibility for the front of the foot.

You will find our BE FLEX 2.0 technology in our RACING shoes.

Parade protection : technologie be flex 2.0 semelle


picto dos rallongé


A longer back for better coverage and to protect the lower back from the cold.

picto Col Réhaussé


A high collar with an exclusive design on the back of the neck and a slightly lower chin protector to allow free movement while keeping bad weather at bay (wind, cold and rain).

picto Ceinture Réhaussée dans le dos


high waistband at the back guaranteeing comfort in every position and offering protection from the cold. An exclusive design which means trousers fit snugly on the back.

picto coupe ergonomique


An ergonomic shape meaning jackets stay in place while following the wearer's movements, offering protection from bad weather.