Safety and prevention play a key role within companies. With over 1.5 million lone workers and a serious fall every 7 minutes in France, falls are the 3rd leading cause of accidents at work.

An accident at work can have dramatic consequences for both the victim and the company. However, despite the implementation of a continuous improvement process, incidents do occur. In this case, it is essential to be able to take care of the person as quickly as possible. The alarm and the time taken to deal with it are the main problems for lone workers. In some situations, the response time can be several hours.

Protecting lone workers is therefore a key concern for people working in safety and prevention, so that they can intervene quickly and safely.

What does the law say about lone workers?

According to the law, "the employer must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of workers by putting in place appropriate resources" (article L4121-111).

As part of its obligations towards its employees, the company must therefore assess the situation and implement preventive measures to ensure that an effective system is in place to alert emergency services in the event of an emergency. It was within this context that the Parade Connect solution was born, to provide a response in line with regulations and the needs of users in the field.

What is lone worker protection and the lone worker alarm system?

• Lone worker protection is the global vision of protecting the person and takes into account the internal and external factors that can affect their safety.

The alarm system involves safety equipment designed to protect lone workers.

From the point of view of the safety and prevention manager

The role of a safety and prevention manager is to limit risks through the continuous improvement of safety systems. In this context, the protection of lone workers can be tricky, with the installation of devices that are sometimes unreliable and/or not worn by the employee, because they are considered cumbersome or uncomfortable. This is the strong point of the Parade Connect shoe, coupled with the WaryMe fall detection service. The wearer can do his or her job unhindered thanks to a discreet and imperceptible device.

According to the French National Research and Safety Institute, for risk prevention to be effective for lone workers, it must include: "organisational measures (reducing the number and duration of lone interventions, not leaving an employee alone at a dangerous workstation, improving the training and information of the personnel concerned, etc.), measures relating to the direct environment, the workstation and the equipment (to be defined according to the work situations), and actions relating to the triggering and management of emergency assistance."

PARADE CONNECT is a simple, high-performance 2-in-1 device to protect your employees in situations of physical isolation. The WaryMe lone worker alarm system is integrated directly into the heel of the Parade Connect safety shoe to protect the wearer 24/7.

chaussures avec DATI intégré

From passive to active safety

This is a small revolution in the world of PPE, lone worker protection and lone worker alarm systems. Thanks to this "100% worn, never forgotten" solution consisting of a safety shoe coupled with a a lone worker alarm system, you can reduce the risk of forgetting and encourage people to wear the warning device systematically.  

Thanks to the WaryMe alarm system, distress alerts can be transmitted more efficiently, enabling a rapid response. This new-generation alarm device is more powerful than conventional lone worker systems, with a wide range of options including:  

If the person has a sudden and significant fall, the shoe sends information to the WaryMe app which triggers an alarm and sends a GPS location to predefined emergency contacts.

Parade Connect & WaryMe: a partnership to help lone workers

As you will have gathered, the need to protect lone workers effectively has led to an innovative partnership between Parade Connect and WaryMe, with the aim of sounding the alarm in the event of a major, sudden fall.

The best of PARADE PROTECTION expertise

With over 40 years of shoemaking expertise and experience in protecting your employees, our Parade Protection team has designed this range of safety shoes to meet all the comfort needs of a safety shoe wearer.

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The range comprises 8 EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC-standard shoes suitable for all uses and high-risk environments, including construction, industry, food processing, logistics and emergency response. Parade Connect safety shoes also feature a comfortable, anatomically-designed insole and space in the heel for the electronic fall detection device.