France benefits from one of the most demanding legislation in the world for safety and protection at work. This did not prevent PARADE from going even further. We believe that it's all in the details and that obviously your comfort is an important element of your safety. We have therefore developed exclusive technologies which will protect you better in the event of danger and which make the daily practice of your activity more pleasant. For us, the best protection is the PARADE.

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Delete Resonance System (DRS): cavity under the heel that acts as a shock absorber
Suspended Arch Support (VPS): ergonomic shape that maintains the natural arch of the foot
Parade Air System: air bubble that assists flexibility when walking
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The shoe’s ergonomic shape maintains the natural arch of the foot, following the arch’s cuve. This support, inside the sole itself, provides unrivalled comfort, particularly in the case of small or shuffling steps and extended periods of standing still.

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Delete Resonance System (DRS)

Our DRS technology is in the heel and acts as a shock absorber. The DRS is a cavity under the heel, in the shape of a semi-circular indent. When the heel is in contact with the terrain, this cavity falls inwards and moves with the heel to adapt to the terrain, preceding the foot’s roll and forward movement.

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Our Parade Air System technology is also inspired by the organic shape and roundness of the arch of the foot.The Parade Air System is an air bubble encapsulated in the outsole of the shoe. This air cushion technology assists flexibility when walking.