European PPE regulation

The quality of our products has always been at the heart of Parade Protection's concerns.

What is PPER?

PPER stands for the European Personal Protective Equipment Regulation.

The European rules for personal protective equipment guarantee the quality of our products. These regulations apply to our entire collection of safety shoes.

The aim of European regulations

The European Parliament wants to eliminate disparities in the way different member states interpret the PPE directive. It's a clear and binding decision that will fully harmonise the sale and use of PPE. Previously, PPE was subject to a directive. Under European law, a directive is a legal document that lays out shared objectives for recipient states. But the directive allows local laws to freely interpret how these objectives are met. Each state is therefore responsible for revoking or approving its own laws to prevent or safeguard their attainment. The regulation is more stringent for manufacturers and requires the new legislation to be applied in all countries. This will allow the European PPE market to be harmonised.

This regulation’s main objective is to improve product traceability.


The parliament has stipulated a transition period for implementation. The first pairs of shoes certified to meet the terms of the new regulation could be in the distribution channel from 21 April 2018. The last pairs of shoes certified to meet the terms of the directive can be in the distribution channel until 21 April 2019. After this date and until 20 April 2023, these products can still be sold but will not meet the following six additional provisions:

   - The manufacturer's postal address must appear on the PPE;
   - There must be clear traceability between the PPE and the declaration of conformity (e.g. by a batch number or a date of manufacture);
   - The new declaration of compliance template must be used;
   - The declaration of compliance must be easily accessible (internet or paper);
   - The instructions must comply with the requirements of the regulation;
   - If the PPE is likely to deteriorate over time, an obsolescence date must be given.

As a distributor, you can sell the products until 21 April 2023. However, any product that has been modified must meet the PPER.

How do I find my CE certificate and compliance declaration?

You can find the CE certificate and the compliance declaration corresponding to the shoe on each product sheet on the site.

We can also provide you with your compliance declaration by batch number. You can contact us by email ( or by telephone (0241753237), giving us the number of your pair of safety shoes.

Click here to find out where to find your number on your pair of safety shoes.