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  • Drawstring closure
  • Compatible with the Samui bag
  • Easy care
  • Diameter: 85 cm


A clever bag for changing clothes while protecting your feet and then carrying your dirty or damp clothes

Inspired by the surfers' changing bag, the Surf bag unfolds completely and turns into an 85 cm diameter mat that you can stand on. Ideal for outdoor use or when there's no changing room, the Surf bag lets you change completely while keeping your feet clean and dry. Once you've changed, leave your dirty or damp work clothes on the mat and pull the two ends of the drawstring to close the bag and ensure it's watertight.

This practical laundry bag can be used in conjunction with a duffle bag, such as the Samui bag from Parade, to easily separate your dirty items from your clean ones.

Clever, lightweight and easy to clean, this changing bag can go to work with you or you can use it to carry your neoprene wetsuit, sportswear or the whole family's beach gear. A multi-purpose accessory for a whole host of needs!


100% Polyester

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